Electric Vehicles Amazing!

To the Editor:

My experience as an electric vehicle owner is proving to be one of the most satisfying decisions of my life. Complete reliability and incredible performance have totally exceeded expectations on my 2020 Nissan Leaf.

Literally trillions of dollars in profits have been extracted from the earth by the fossil fuel industry since internal combustion gasoline engines exploded onto the scene a century or more ago. For that reason, it is no surprise that any glitches that take place during these early years of electric vehicles becoming more widespread are magnified beyond belief in the corporate news media. Profit crazed oil executives are now deeply worried that word of mouth enthusiasm from so many new purchasers of electric vehicles is putting a damper on their cash flows. Their response is to try to normalize massive increases in plastic use, which is nearly all produced from petroleum. Consumers should reject and question increased use of plastic packaging which is becoming thicker and more widely used than it used to be. Plastic production is a major source of cancer and little of it is really recycled despite industry claims.

Many different auto manufacturers are now turning out some really fine electric vehicles that dazzle customers and out-perform anything that people expect to find when they make what seems like a leap of faith into EV ownership. Of course, nearly every newly purchased EV will eventually be resold on used car lots, which will ease the transition into electric vehicle use throughout nearly the entire driving and auto buying public.

As I drive my Nissan Leaf around to the growing network of locations where it can be recharged, I end up in one conversation after another with enthusiastic new purchasers of EVs. Even with the current narrow range of places to recharge my EV when on longer drives from my home EV drivers seem to not only be adapting to the mild inconvenience of finding a charger, but enjoying the experience of conversing with one another and sharing impression of our various vehicle choices. At home a 220-240 receptacle installed by a skillful local electrician readily provides reliable and affordable fuel for my EV.

This is not to even begin to discuss the vitally necessary switch away from fossil fuel powered vehicles. They are the leading cause of planet heating emissions that are so rapidly melting the polar ice caps and leading to ever intensifying weather extremes, heat waves, droughts, floods and wildfires. What you are seeing and hearing about on the news with regard to wild weather extremes of all sorts is not “fake news” at all folks. Rapid incidences of these deadly and destructive climate related events are also not wisely dismissed as “acts of God” or as “things that have been taking place all along.”

This very small planet of ours is in huge trouble and needs every one of us to wake up to the need to do our part to decrease our carbon footprints. There is nothing characteristically more masculine about running oil exhaust belching loud trucks and cars around on our highways and pretending that we don’t have a problem. Just like people who cannot control their consumption of alcohol we need to take collective responsibility for sharply reducing our use of fossil fuels or else accept the consequences of our actions. Be prepared to continue to live with one deadly and destructive environmental catastrophe after another if you want to ignore the reality of our total over-reliance upon fossil fuels. Failure to change our ways is a massively serious challenge for the sustainability of all life forms on Earth.

I submit this letter in no way to put myself forward as being “holier than thou.” I simply believe that it is critically important for those of us gaining an understanding of electric vehicles to communicate with the public about what operating and owning these vehicles is like. Beware of disinformation!

For democracy,

Bill Coleman

Newark, Vt.


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Gotta wonder if Bill realizes where the baseload power comes from that charges his electric vehicle?

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