Elitism envy

To the Editor:

The Northeast Kingdom, land of lakes, farms and woodlands, a place many from out of state travel to escape the development and haste of the places they live is slowly becoming the very places these folks look forward to escaping. The once quiet Lake Road in Newport is becoming a place where a few locals and many out of state elite are erecting their mammoth residences, some of which are summer homes. Eight thousand square feet for two people to live in seems a bit obscene to me but then, I moved here 30 years ago to escape the likes of such places. When I voice my feelings about the obstructive nature of these mansion-like residences there are some who will state it is good for the local economy.

This is true, for a short time and for but a few locals who stand to profit from the likes of these big players willing to show us how much more they have than most of us up here. Again, isn't that why many people came here? To remove themselves from the developmental destruction from where they grew up. Those that have always called this home have got to be feeling a sense of loss at what is happening here. I understand now more than I ever have why the dyed in the wool Vermonter shows disdain for the newcomers. If you want to see just what the likes of many of these big players can do to a town or a county I would suggest looking at where they came from, what it looked like twenty years ago and what it looks like now. What you see should stay etched in your mind. This is not a "Field of Dreams," for if you build it, they will come and with them comes the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

It is not quintessential Vermont.


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