Embracing One’s Rotten Core

To the Editor:

This is in partial response to Seth King’s letter “We’re All White Nationalists Now.” I write “partial” response because, honestly, it’s hard keeping up with King’s twists and turns in logic.

King writes “Everybody to the right of Karl Marx has now found themselves in the uncomfortable position of being literally Hitler.” Literally? Not figuratively, but literally, Hitler? That’s amazing! I want some photos of these people!

King claims that socialists have taken over the media. I think television is pretty well balanced between conservative and liberal shows. I have not seen any socialist stations. When it comes to radio, conservatives pretty much have a lock on the airwaves, from Limbaugh, to Hannity, to Info Wars and Coulter.

Hollywood is a different story.

Ask yourself why “liberals” can produce documentary filmmakers like Michael Moore, Morgan Spurlock, Ken Burns, but conservatives cannot produce an equivalent? Because documentaries on gun violence, and Japanese internment camps, and the history of segregation can be informative and riveting and inspiring and speak to humanity’s deeper concerns. What are Republican filmmakers going to produce? Trump Propaganda films? A riveting documentary on the need to separate immigrant infants from their mothers? Why people can die from lack of medicine to treat diabetes? A liberal view on the systemic abuses found in private prisons is illuminating and has intrinsic value. A conservative documentary on the fantastic profits that await entrepreneurs when they invest in private prisons is not. You don’t inspire. You lack the emotional resources on this journey. Film won’t support you, except when dictators dictate the content. I tell you what: produce the conservative equivalent of “Schindler’s List,” “Sophie’s Choice,” “An Inconvenient Truth,” “The Color Purple,” any Spielberg film… .Where is your creative script writing that can’t get produced? It. Does. Not. Exist. Hatred and prejudice is neither inspiring nor creative. But go for it. I am waiting for your award-winning documentary on health care, and incarceration. But don’t fudge the facts.

Ask yourself why successful humorous talk-show hosts/hostesses tend to be more liberal: Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Samantha Bee, Seth Myers, Stephen Colbert… where are the conservative equivalents? They’re not locked out. There are none. Well, they come and go, because they are dreadful. Their humor, supporting the ideas of caged immigrant children, stripping people of healthcare, supporting candidates who molest women, mocking the physically challenged, is dark and cynical. Trump rallies laugh riotously at the image of Trump mocking the disabled, but the general public does not find it humorous or informative. But it is revealing. Liberals can lambast Republican white nationalism, sexism, and homophobia with incredibly clever humor because Republicanism has become so grotesquely misinformed and cynical. Republican comedians can’t mock the idea of universal health care, or LGBQ rights. They try, and it falls flat. It sounds mean, not funny. You see, you can’t make fun of people who care. You can only poke fun at people who don’t, and use their own words and actions to parody them. But keep trying.

I love King’s comment that, “while you were sleeping, socialists spent the last several decades” brainwashing generations of young people “that diversity is our strength.” That one statement alone nullifies the United States Constitution in its entirety and the blood that was shed to create it. Is this is the Republican idea of what it means to be a patriot in the 21st century: as King proudly proclaims, a white nationalist? He describes the horror of Muslims intermingling in our white communities (even though one is a religion and the other is a skin color, and there are white Muslims); and Hispanics who want to “reclaim this land.” Actually, only Native Americans reserve the right to reclaim this land we slaughtered them for. (Many Hispanics are, by the way, of European descent.)

King writes, “If you’re like me, you didn’t even know you were racist until the left told you.” Sounds about right.

He continues, “I mean it, our ancestry is awesome,” and he cites historical accomplishments from circumnavigating the globe to the printing press, harnessing of electricity, refrigeration… he actually believes this whites-only mythology. He’s a complete idiot. Some “non-white” inventions: numerals, mathematics, religion (Jesus was Aramaic), irrigation, novels, paper, ink, dance, music, gunpowder, guns, the seismograph, the compass, CD players, lithium ion batteries, futures markets, not to mention all the “non-whites” who were intricately involved in all of the achievements that King reserves for the whites-only race. Even the word “white” is not easily defined. At the turn of the 20th century in America, Jews, Slaves, Irish were not considered white and were thought to be unassimilable into the American culture.

The fact of the matter is, going back a mere ten generations in my family tree introduces me to 512 individual family lines, and by tracing my lineage back just 20 more generations (to 1100AD), I discover my genealogical lines has branched out to include 300 million direct descendants in a world populated at that time by… well, 300 million people. That makes me rather well connected after all, not to mention all the holiday cards I’ll be writing this year.

Author Guy Murchie observed, “… no human being (of any race) can be less closely related to any other human than approximately 50th cousin, and most of us, no matter what color, are a lot closer.” What’s the significance of this? It means that Jewish and Palestinian blood intermingle in the tissues of every person living today in the Middle East, and African blood flows through the veins of even the “purest” members of the Ku Klux Klan. And the fact that we are 60th cousins to the jackass explains Seth King’s frame of mind.

Jeffrey Reel

St. Johnsbury, Vermont


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Typo: The word "slaves" was meant as "slavs." The computer self-corrected without my awareness.

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