Emergency Preparedness in Vermont

To the Editor:

There comes a season when squirrels begin to stash food away for the coming winter. We see many creatures working diligently throughout the summer months to allow their survival when winter winds howl. We humans do this as well, but some might argue that we do not do enough to prepare for lean times. The government has thought about this, as one might expect. When preparing for difficult times, the government has many responsibilities and can accomplish many things during an emergency. One contingency the government must prepare for is a shortage food, water, supplies and the many necessities of life. In my mind I think the government must have vast warehouses of emergency food and supplies that will get us through a tough stretch. And while the folks that serve us during emergencies do have some material goods for distribution, they also have 20 V.S.A. § 11 in their toolbox. What is 20 V.S.A. § 11, you ask? Read on. Zombie Apocalypse Preppers Take Notice! Quoted from State Law;

“§ 11. Additional emergency powers. In the event of an all-hazards event, the Governor may exercise any or all of the following additional powers…(3) To seize, take, or condemn property for the protection of the public or at the request of the President, or his or her authorized representatives including:(A) All means of transportation; (B) All stocks of fuel of whatever nature; (C) Food, clothing, equipment, materials, medicines, and all supplies; (D) Facilities, including buildings and plants; provided that neither this nor any other authority in this chapter shall be deemed to authorize the eviction of a householder and his or her family from their own home”.

What treachery is this? Instead of building resilient, strong, well drilled and well stocked communities, they want to “redistribute” everything in my house when the balloons go up?? Great plan. How nice of them to let us exist in an empty shell until “redistribution” occurs. This reminds me of the stories of the Bolsheviks raking out the gardens of Russian peasants 1917. Yea Vermont! When times get tough, we go full on communist. It’s time to foster investment in our state and our communities or we will all be living in Canada. Wait, where? American Revolution over. George Washington visibly upset. Americans everywhere butt hurt. The Lobsterbacks are back in charge and this time they have all the gold, guns and lawyers. They have come back for our land. Turns out real estate in the form of private property is rather an important element to liberty and freedom. Act 250?? Stand by for heavy rolls as the nation comes about.

James Nagle

Lyndonville, Vt.


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