Fails Her Own ‘Litmus Test’

To the Editor:

Rep. Elaine French’s letter (Concord Monitor, July 24, 2019) attacking Governor Sununu’s nomination of Gordon MacDonald to be the Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court is not only laughable, but hypocritical. French states that MacDonald (the present NH Attorney General) is not qualified to be the Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court because he in part “…has zero judicial experience…”

MacDonald graduated from Dartmouth, earned his law degree from Cornell, helped create our first Civil Rights office, volunteered for the NH Domestic Violence Program, and raised money for NH Civil Legal Assistance. Additionally, MacDonald received glowing bipartisan recommendations and endorsements from lawyers and judges (including past NH chief justices) and no fewer than 18 past presidents of the NH Bar Association which serves the NH legal community, the NH court system, and the NH public. Some of these individuals spoke out, not only because they found MacDonald to be eminently qualified, but they were horrified that a partisan litmus test was being applied to an area of government that should be as free of politics as possible.

Rep. French of Littleton, whose district includes Bethlehem, Franconia, Lisbon, Littleton, Lyman, Monroe, and Sugar Hill, has served just 6 months in the NH Legislature. Her legislative record indicates she earned an “F” by fellow colleagues. By her own standards of “experience,” Rep. French should take a look at her own web page for NH General Court. It’s shocking! Prior to serving in the House of Representatives, was she elected to serve as supervisor of the checklist? No. Has she served as library trustee? No. Has she been town clerk? No. How about election to the school board? No. Has she served as selectman? No. Rep. French has no prior experience holding any elected office.

Based upon Rep. French’s own “litmus test,” which even she herself cannot pass, maybe she should consider stepping down as our “representative.”

Nick De Mayo

Sugar Hill, New Hampshire


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