Federal Money for Vaccine Efforts

To the Editor:

Dear Mr. Kenney,

We are your constituents, living in Easton, NH. We are disgusted by your vote, along with other 3 Republicans on the Council, to reject the 27 million federal funds to assist in making covid vaccines available everywhere in NH. Currently, there is a spike in cases in the Northern part of the state, no doubt, among the anti-vaxers.

Your job, as a supposedly intelligent leader, is to encourage people of this state to participate fully in helping to eradicate this pandemic. And the only way to do that, as is scientifically evident, is to get as many people as possible vaccinated, as soon as possible. You should be celebrating the achievement of these very effective vaccines instead of pandering to the misinformed rabble. Nobody will lose their job, if they simply get vaccinated.

Remember polio? We don’t worry about that anymore, because babies are routinely vaccinated for it. Probably you don’t remember smallpox. Neither do I, allthough I’m old enough to remember that I had to have a smallpox. vaccine in order to start going to school. It was swollen and full of puss and got all scabby and left a scar. It was gross, and it hurt. But, hey, it was a Mandate! and that was good old Republican President Eisenhower.

Wake up, Joe!

Cynthia Lanchester

Henry R. Lanchester

Easton, N. H.


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Judith Patoine

Wake up Cynthia. This is not a vaccine.

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