Footprints of the Creator

To the Editor:

It seems as if the tracks left behind by the Creator are not big enough or deep enough for some people of our day to recognize them as His. Like as if He had not left the track of the earth rotating 24/7. Would there be night and day? What would happen to all the vegetation that grows because of the rotating of the earth? How about the light and heat that the Sun gives, we need that to live? I guess the Earth would just have to fall off into space! What keeps it in place? Nothing there but His footprint keeping it in place. If the Earth did not rotate 24/7, we would all be frying or freezing. Reckon His footprint keeps us going around. If He does not set the 1,000 mile an hour speed we travel to get around every 24 hours, then who does? Could it be the Creator? Reckon if He were not in control, the earth would just topple over, when it tips over so many degrees each way for the seasons? What could live on this planet?

The founding Fathers called Him the God of Nature, if He is not who is? Who sets the system that allows the clouds to float in the air? No clouds no rain, snow or storms. Who put together the right combination to allow the beautiful rainbow? How about all those footprints about Him that men has carved on rocks and on clay tablets? The carvings and inscriptions found in old Ninevah around 1845 by Henry Austin Layard, compares with the Old Testament account of ancient history. How about the black Obelisk found in Calah, (Nimrud) by Layard? The inscriptions inscribed on this give dates of the kings who ruled from 885 BC to 669 BC, comparable with the history in First Kings of the Old Testament...Then there is the Dead Sea Scrolls that also compares with the Old Testament History of God with Israel.

If one does not believe in God, will that stop the Sun from shining or the Earth from turning? When over five hundred people saw Jesus Christ after His resurrection in His glorified incorruptible body, will not believing in God discredit this testimony? Should one trust more in corruptible humans that die than in an uncorruptable being that ever lives? A Republic can only last as long as its Citizens are willing to answer to God for their ethics and morals. No rules can change the heart attitude of man.


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