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To the Editor:

Dear Vermonters,

Have you been told that the Pfizer vaccine is FDA approved?

It isn’t. (1)

The FDA, despite what the legacy media will say, has yet to approve any vaccine. They are conflating the Pfizer BoiNtech with the Comirrnaty, and Pfizer is just fine with the confusion. They want the public to believe that what they are proposing is FDA approved. But no, the Pfizer BioNtech has only EUA status re-upped, and it is the only Pfizer vaccine available. EUA status does not allow for mandates (by any entity), or Covid passports. However, as long as the public/politicians are not super well informed, confusion amply serves the trillions and counting flowing to Pfizer, et al.

EUA status depends on a lack of viable and safe alternatives.

Additionally, other places in the world are proving the existence of safe curative and preventive measures that preclude any experimental mRNA vaccine. Canceling, censoring, and shaming that information removes public pressure to end EUA status itself.

For the sake of children, in the face of dominating news narratives, please face discomfort. Let’s be 100% certain that the motivations behind the vaccine schedules are 150% pure, and never ever motivated for mere profit -or worse. Let’s make certain that the legacy press is covering every angle.

The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F Kennedy jr. is a great addition to public knowledge. It’s an instant Best Seller. I have bought this book and am reading it. It flows well. I think it is the most comprehensive and source validated of the many books I have followed through this pandemic. Remember that RFK jr is a lifelong democrat and environmentalist. He has filed 100’s of lawsuits to force the EPA to reign in big oil and king coal. RFK’s passion to work for the good of all is a living reminder of JFK’s similar passion. In my opinion, RFK jr is the best of the democratic party, and, like his uncle JFK he works tirelessly to protect the people from corruption of practice and principle that attends big business. I hope you honor JFK to give his nephew a few hours of your valuable attention. Get your own copy please, or have your library buy it, and look at the work he has done to protect Americans, specifically on behalf of children.

I have faith that a fully informed People will correct all governmental/corporate ills, and set us on the right path to peace, health and prosperity. Knowledge is the key. This knowledge is powerful. I want you each safe, healthy and well, empowered by knowledge. I am thankful that this pandemic has for me, brought a deeper appreciation of how free speech itself, is the foundation of humanity.

Best wishes for the new year.

Freedom and Unity

Emily Peyton

Putney, Vt.


(2) comments

Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Donald Beaudin - full approval by the FDA on Aug. 23, 2021 was full emergency use approval. That approval omits basically all the trials and studies that would have prevented its use. That is also the reason that the Big Pharma Cabal lied about and demonized all the great treatments that work much better against covid than their jabs.

Donald Beaudin

The Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine received full approval by the FDA on Aug. 23, 2021. Robert Kennedy Jr. is a conspiracy theorist.

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