To the Editor:

I am not sure why my estranged mother forwarded an article to me about an undistinguished artist and her ability to roll over the taxpayers of Danville, Vt., pertaining to the Danville Green, when frankly I could care less. Perhaps it is her way of manipulating my pen to convey her thoughts.

As a child growing up in Danville in the late & #039;60s and & #039;70s I was always perplexed by the lack of foresight in planting new trees and landscaping to replace the old on Danville Green. At that time it glowed New England charm, warm, yet rustic.

As the years went on from & #039;68 it turned old and neglected. A portable post office was erected in the early & #039;70s. Massive maples came down in storms to render the park naked. Houses went unpainted. It lost everything its founders had dreamed of in the beautiful architecture they had drawn when founding Danville. Nobody cared and nobody does today either.

Now yet another outsider stumbles into town with her cockamamie ideas. Like the school and the atrocities that have befallen it, the townspeople will roll over once again to some freak art clashing against the last maples and the weather battered bandstand. Tourists will continue through the town of Danville on Route 2 wondering why they had taken that route.


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