To the Editor:

This is an open letter to Mr. Thomas Naylor and others of his bent. There is plenty of room in third-world nations for him and others who feel as he does that America is flawed, corrupt, and mean-spirited. No one should apologize for being patriotic, although it is an anathema to many of our inhabitants (I refuse to call them Americans). I believe that there should be a fund established - maybe we could call it "Send them where they want to go" - that would accept contributions to send those who hate their lives in America wherever they select to live. The fund would purchase and deliver one-way tickets to the nation of their choice. I am sure that it would be one of the most popular funds ever established.

I see our Constitution used to give our children and others corrupted ideas. Freedom from religion, freedom of expression, the right to freely gather and other rights that were fought for and for which generations of Americans fought and shed blood for and who sincerely believed that those statements were in the constitution to protect legitimate causes and not to excuse expressions of dissatisfaction. Freedom from religion means you can & #039;t speak about God in public, no prayers except in church, no pledge of allegiance in schools or public meetings, no public prayers.

Freedom of expression now means flag-burning and other means of expression which were never envisioned by the framers of the Constitution. Freedom to freely gather means that you can gather groups of hooligans and malcontents and disrupt the legitimate business of entire cities.

Those who decry their sad lot in a "morally impoverished" America should explore their own motives and their lives. Did they go to college and study whatever they wished? Have they ever been truly hungry? Poor? Or were they fortunate enough to be living in a country where they were able to enjoy the freedoms guaranteed by the very document that they so detest? The Constitution was never meant to provide, it was meant to protect. Welfare is not there. Charity is not there, only that citizens are expected to behave according to established laws and that the government is to provide for those things such as the common defense that are not provided by the states. Let & #039;s start acting as though we really believe that the sacrifices of previous generations were worth the effort.


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