To the Editor:

Just to make your day, I know some of you could care less but I thought you might be wondering how the world's 40 richest people are doing. Seems they are now worth $1 trillion dollars and have increased their worth by $88 billion since Jan. 1. Of course this is probably not as good as the major oil companies have reported.

Now you have to ask yourself, why is it, your government does not want to tax them, the rich, at or above the same rate you pay. Oh, excuse me, that's because they are creating all the JOBS for those of us who are living paycheck to paycheck. You know, all the jobs that most new college grads can't find, but still have thousands of dollars in loans to pay off. Oh and if this Congress can't get its act together, the student loan rates are going up again in June and this is on top of ever increasing college tuition fees. A recent article states that more than half of this year's college grads will not find work. So much for creating jobs, for college grads or you and me. Good work Congress, keep looking out for your pockets, screw everyone else.

Seems the filthy rich get as many tax breaks as the oil companies. We have all seen firsthand how our helping the oil companies, through tax breaks (our tax dollars), has helped us. So basically we are paying twice for our jobs and gas. Once to the oil companies through tax breaks and then at the gas pumps, heating fuel and whatever else and to the rich for whatever it is their companies make or do. Of course they donate to all their favorite charities, those being the ones who we elect and who work for us, LMAO. Once elected they don't even know we exist.


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