Gordon MacDonald and Political Bullies

To the Editor:

The Ray Burton Era of Nonpartisan Representation in the North Country is dead and Mike Cryans killed it. Mike’s political and character assassination of highly qualified Supreme Court nominee Attorney General Gordon MacDonald has potentially politicized the New Hampshire Judiciary forever. All future judicial nominees will be viewed solely through the prism of partisan politics. New Hampshire’s civic character, public service traditions and nonpartisan judiciary have been severely damaged.

Ray Burton would have voted for Gordon MacDonald in a heartbeat. Ray Burton would be ashamed of Mike Cryans and his partisan politics on steroids. Ray in his over 35 year career in office voted to confirm judicial nominees from eight Governors, Democrats and Republicans. Ray Burton never treated a Judicial nominee from a Democrat Governor with the contempt and hostility Mike Cryans showed for Gordon MacDonald.

The North Country no longer has an Executive Councilor who represents all of us. Mike Cryans, now represents Democratic Powerbrokers, Chairman Ray Buckley and former Chair Kathy Sullivan, two Manchester hyper partisan, ill tempered, scorch the earth, political bullies who control the Democrat Party and despised Ray Burton.

Buckley and Sullivan attempted to drive Ray out of office a few years before his death. They despised Ray because he was a Republican, represented everyone in the North Country regardless of political party, and they couldn’t influence, intimidate or politically blackmail him. The North Country in bipartisan unity stood up to the two power hungry, Manchester political bullies and won! Ray stayed in office until his death.

The political bullies also orchestrated the attempt to fire long time NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner, a democrat. Ray Burton, Bill Gardner and Gordon MacDonald were all similar in their low-key, good humored, mild mannered personalities, nonpartisan approach to government, superb temperament, professional demeanor, independence, competence, effectiveness and integrity that could not be compromised, intimidated or blackmailed. A bipartisan coalition of legislators and State leaders stood up to the political bullies and defeated them. Bill Gardner is still NH Secretary of State.

The political bullies personal attacks on Gordon MacDonald were similar to their efforts to politically destroy Ray Burton and Bill Gardner. Who are they going to attempt to destroy next, Lou D’allesandro, Kelly Ayotte, John Broderick or Tom Rath? If the political bullies win all of New Hampshire loses.

God help New Hampshire if Ray Buckley and Kathy Sullivan continue to dictate who can serve in the NH Judiciary and State Government. The political bullies have sent a clear message, New Hampshire’s Independents, Conservatives, Libertarians, Sportsmen, Republicans, practicing Catholics and other people of faith need not apply for appointed state positions.

The Nonpartisan NH Bar Association should urge Governor Sununu to re-nominate Gordon MacDonald and mobilize statewide bipartisan support for his nomination. Ray Buckley and Kathy Sullivan should never have the corrupting veto power over judicial nominations. The political bullies were defeated by Ray Burton and Bill Gardner’s bipartisan supporters. The nonpartisan NH Bar Association can also defeat the political bullies by continuing to support Gordon MacDonald’s nomination.

Mike Cryans is a disgrace to Ray Burton’s legacy, what Ray stood for and how he conducted himself. It is also truly pathetic that Buckley and Sullivan have spent their entire adult lives as toxic, political bullies. Get a life!

A New Hampshire bipartisan coalition of the nonpartisan NH Bar Association and supporters of Ray Burton and Bill Gardner and others should coalesce and defeat the political bullies by supporting the renomination of Gordon MacDonald to the Supreme Court. New Hampshire has beaten the political bullies before and New Hampshire can do it again.

Brien Ward

Littleton, New Hampshire


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