Governor Veto

To the Editor:

Our very own “Governor Veto” has some plans for us. Gov Scott, a republican die-hard in the wool, is planning on rejecting any and all legislative bills regards legal pot sales, paid family leave, minimum wage increase and gun waiting period, that come to him this session. He will not sign them into law. Forget it if you think this session will be fruitful. It will not.

Who is to blame for this fiasco? The democrats have the majority in the House and Senate, but have failed to produce bills that will become law. The common sense bills, like legal pot sales, minimum wage increase to a livable wage, gun waiting period and paid family leave have been a torture test with republicans in the House and the tough governor. Although in a minority these republicans have put up a solid wall of resistance to dems. Blocking all these bills has been the goal of these die-hard republicans and the dems do not appear to have any answers. So, blame the republican minority in the House for no legal pot sales, no paid family leave, no minimum wage increase to livable wage and gun waiting period. Thanks a lot!


Thomas W. King

Shaftsbury, Vermont


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