Great news for St. J.

To the Editor:

I have no idea if all my preaching about getting out to vote no matter who you were voting for helped rid this town of what we had or not but I am happy to see the numbers higher than they have been in years. I am sure the reason Lamotte and Timson had the few votes that they did was from people that normally don't vote. I know Lamotte said in a statement that there were 10 to 15 people out there that did not agree with him and his cohorts. Guess what Mr. Lamotte there were just a few more thousands than that that had a problem with you.

Now that the election is over the town can get down to decent work without all the sneaking around and have all the meetings with all members of the board. I am not sure if the new board can do anything about the sneaky way that the new Town Manager was voted in (just like most votes) and Mr. Shea might be the man for the job but let the whole board and not just three of them decide who it will be.

It is sad what this past select board is going to cost the town and it's insurance company from the Nelson deal. I would like to see the town just pay off this guy before he causes more problems for our town. I am sure the quarter of a million will make him happy so he can retire hopefully in Alaska or somewhere further.

Let's get this town moving and try to not let this happen again in our town. Also I would like to see the weather on the website to go back to St. Johnsbury instead of East St. J., I am not sure how many people caught that but I did and was offended by it because it is not East St. J. that the board represented.

I cannot wait to see how Monday's meeting goes I am surprised that Rust does not resign on Monday because he will not be chairman or be able to control the vote his way.

Have a great day now we have our town back. Hooh Raw!!!

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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