Gun Control

To the Editor:

Governor Sununu recently vetoed three gun control bills that made their way to his desk and should be applauded for that. These three bills would not have had a tangible impact on increasing gun safety. Background checks and waiting periods wouldn’t deter people that want to acquire guns for terrible purposes. Since 1982, 74% of mass shootings involved firearms that were legally bought. In only 3.5% of these shootings, the guns used were obtained illegally. Clearly, changing the process of how guns are sold would impact the people in our state that use their firearms for everyday purposes more than they would impact the sale of guns to potential criminals. The issue is not the guns, it is the people behind the trigger.

Oftentimes, right after the shooting the public learns that the shooter had issues to some degree – whether they are mental health issues or a viewpoint that the person has of the world. As these peoples’ neighbors we have to step up and do better in order to help both them and ourselves. We have to foster a sense of inclusiveness and seek to reach out to those that may be struggling. We can’t afford to isolate people that may be dealing with mental health issues or reading something on the dark webs. In order to protect our communities, we must build them first. While well intentioned, these bills would have hampered our security instead of bolstering it, and for that reason I’m thankful for the Governor’s vetoes.

Bobby Mueller

Littleton, New Hampshire


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