Guns Do Kill People

To the Editor:

We have all heard that guns don’t kill people, people do. Death warrants don’t state cause of death to be a person. It will state death by gunshot wound. It is the bullet boring through vital organs that kills people. Assume there were no guns available. How do you think this would affect the number of homicides and mass shootings? People are reticent about strangling a person, but find it easier to kill antiseptically at a distance with a firearm. Automatic weapons allow shooters to murder many people in a very short time. Many citizens no longer feel safe at concerts, schools, hospitals, or churches.

Gun laws will not eliminate deaths by gunshot, only reduce the number. NASCAR didn’t believe neck devices and safe walls would stop injuries. The NFL didn’t believe new rules and helmets would stop injuries. Auto manufacturers didn’t believe safety glass, seat belts and air bags would stop auto injuries. They just wanted to reduce the number of injuries.

Likewise, gun manufacturers and the NRA should be leading the way to reduce the number of firearm deaths in our country. Instead they are doing everything possible to prevent any attempts at reducing gun deaths. That leaves our elected officials to carry out the wishes of the majority of Americans who want to see reasonable controls on the purchase and use of deadly firearms. Unfortunately, they fear that the retaliation by the NRA will cost them their job. We need to elect into office courageous people like Vermont Governor, Phil Scott, who looked NRA, and its demonstrators, straight in the eye and signed into law some reasonable gun laws. He was, by the way, re-elected in 2018 by a larger margin than in the 2016 election!

Robert O’Connor

Littleton, New Hampshire


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