Had Enough Yet?

To the Editor:

On the heels of 13 American service people being killed in Kabul after exposing them to ISIS-K, this President has now killed an entire family, including seven children, with a drone. He is a mass murderer.

He has proposed the IRS monitor all bank accounts with a balance of over $600. If that passes, I will withdraw all my money from the bank and close my account.

He is threatening people with economic ruin should they choose not to undergo a medical procedure.

He seeks to disarm me, and I will not comply with or tolerate that under any circumstances whatever.

And there is nothing Joe Biden or anyone else will do about it.

He is saber rattling with China and exposed the nation to the very real risk of nuclear war, for no good reason.

By means of this deliberately provocative AUKUS alliance, he has destroyed our relationship with France.

Furthermore, he is a racist. There is no denying this.

Joe Biden sucks.

He should be impeached for his war crimes and removed from office, along with his henchwoman.

Eddie Garcia

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


(4) comments

Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Excellent letter. Drinking Kool aid is another term used to discredit truth by Globalist propogandists who shill for the Globalists.

Julie Strohmeier

Where was your false outrage for 600,000 Americans who needlessly died due to the previous president’s negligence and ineptitude?

Julie Strohmeier

Hilarious, thanks for ridiculous commentary. Lay off the koolaid.

Eileen Kristoff

Excellent letter, Mr. Garcia...let's hope people remember that when it's time to vote...

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