Our tax dollars at work

To the Editor:

Well it seems our president has turned 50, good for him, looks more like 60 and after only two and a half years. We the American people gave him the best present -- we paid for him to fly to a fundraiser in Chicago, where idiots paid between $5,000 and $35,800 just to hear him speak, sold out.

Seems he flew to Chicago for the fundraising trip. As we all know Air Force One costs the taxpayer thousands of dollars to operate. Happy birthday Mr. President, our tax dollars at work. All of us are paying, even if you don't like the man. My question is, why couldn't he have driven an electric car to Chicago? This would have shown the American taxpayer that he was serious about the economy, but I digress. After all he is a Democrat and all they can do is spend, spend and spend.

All this expense just to increase his war chest for another run for President. Why should the taxpayer have to pay him and all the expenses to help him raise money for his re-election? Does the opposition get this treatment? No.


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