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To the Editor:

The world was different back when my wife and I took the vows. We had to worry about feeding the kids and paying rent and lights and so on which is no different than today except a lot of the couples do not give a sh_ _ today because welfare is paying for it. I remember when my wife and I used to go to the Blue Moon Drive-In for excitement and we could not afford a babysitter (which was my wife's sister most of the time) so we took them all with blankets and Koolaid in the jugs with separate cups in their PJs and even with the babysitter (sister-in-law) hanging around which we both love her today. What do you think Debbie and God bless Danny -- Sue and Ray and Tim and Sandy and a few others who know who they are? Those were the good ole days for my generation and pulling mainie's (remember your Bunny Hop Car Ray C.) until they changed how you could drive around Arnold Park to make it harder for us to do our mainie's .

I will bet you that the police today would be happy to worry about a small issue like that instead of home invasions and armed robbery that the kids and adults are doing today for kicks and drugs. I remember back before I took the vows (I was 14 or so and took them at 17) we used to go down to the old Fairbanks foundry and chip bricks for, I am not sure but I think it was from $13 to $20 dollars a skid. (Please do not hold me to prices because that was over 40 years ago.) Well let me tell you a skid is a lot of bricks. Here again I cannot remember how many bricks there are in a skid. (I think like 1300 or 1500 bricks to a skid) and it was quite a deal if you cleaned a skid worth or two skids in a day which was really humping if any of you guys remember doing it. It might have been hard work for a kid but it was worth it in the end. We had a few bucks to take our girl to a dance at the Catholic Central School or the Middle School. Man those days where great weren't they guys and gals?

What I cannot understand is why the kids today cannot be satisfied with that kind of stuff. We did have local rock bands come to courthouse park which keep most kids hanging around the park to listen to free music. My wife and I (we were boyfriend and girlfriend at that time) believe if the town started doing things like that in the summer and winter months and try to do dances for kids again we might be able to keep them off the street and keep them occupied and getting involved in the community instead of destroying it like what has been happening today.

I am a person that would be willing to help with organizing these type of things and try to get some local bands and ones out of Burlington and where ever to promote themselves plus doing something for the community.

I am not sure if this is something that the community would like to get involved in because I will not bring this to the sitting select board as it sits with the three monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil and last of all admit to any evil.) But if we could do this as a community without having the power-hungry three selectmen because they will mess it up somehow like Rust did with Arnold Park and many other things

Thanks, and I hope everyone can have a great week, month and year.

Do not forget the shut-ins that took care of your boo-boos when you were small and growing up and could use a visit at their home. Even a phone call can brighten the day of someone that sits there all day long without any of you talking to them. I know it will take a little time out of your life, even if they are hard of hearing then go and see them so they can read your lips.

And if you think I am trying to make you feel guilty guess what, that is exactly what I am trying to do to get you to go and see them. My daughter works at a home where she sees how many family go to see their loved ones at the home. Now this is my opinion and nobody else's but I believe most families go to see the older ones to see what they are going to get, sad but true.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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