He's good at it

To the Editor:

Senator Bernie Sanders has made a recent pass through the area and stopping for a rally at the St. J House where he carried on with his mantra about those mean Republicans poisoning the air and water, drowning the polar bears, trying to take away Mrs. Jones' heart medication and winter fuel assistance, and stripping disabled veterans and seniors of their benefits. Did I miss anything?

Here is something Bernie could do to help seniors. My wife and I received less than $9000 in social security in 2012. We are both retired and both worked since our high school days. The federal income tax on those benefits was $1125. Back in 1993 under President Clinton seniors began paying income taxes on social security benefits. With that $1125 we could pay for our winter fire wood and fill our propane tank a few times. Bernie could try to get that tax repealed. He would rather have the tax collected and then pay bureaucrats and nonprofits to redistribute what is left of the money to those among us found to be worthy. He believes in making as many people dependent on the government as possible and then every two years tell them the other side is trying to take it away from them. He is very good at that, isn't he?

Wayne Dyer

Groton, Vt.


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