Health Choice Rally At NVRH

To the Editor:

On Tuesday at Northern Vermont Regional Hospital, a group of concerned citizens, healthcare professionals and employees of the hospital as well as other hospitals throughout the state joined together to stand up for Health Choice, Medical Freedom and Body Autonomy.

It takes an incredible amount of strength and bravery to come out to a public rally and stand up for your rights, your beliefs and your health, especially at your own work site. The intention of this rally at NVRH was to provide a platform for the community and our essential workers to voice their concerns over potential policy being developed at NVRH which would mandate COVID vaccines, which are still experimental and are currently awaiting a rushed approval process for safety and efficacy.

These essential workers are dedicated, hard-working and informed. They have been there for the hospital and our community this entire year and a half and it is their right to make decisions regarding their health and personal medical choices. They have stood by the hospital and their communities despite the risks involved with working in healthcare during these times.

Experimental COVID injection mandates not only present a potential and real health risk as is evident through the Health And Human Services (HHS) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is currently at 545,337 reported adverse events and 12,366 reported deaths to the COVID experimental injections last updated on 7/31/21, but also is an incredibly disrespectful act after everything these dedicated, brave, essential workers have offered. It is also critical to note that the current adverse events and deaths reported into the VAERS system is greater than all other vaccines combined in the past 20 years. This is what the public rally was about- Health Choice, Medical Freedom, Informed consent and Body autonomy.

In a public rally, there are many voices and many concerns that arise by attendees- this is the nature of a public rally. The essential workers and many of the concerned citizens who attended this event had a clear message that was evident through their signs and their vital plea for Health Choice. Here were some of the core messages from several of the hospital employees themselves:

• An NVRH nurse held two signs that read “Jab or Job? Wrong -Stop the Mandate” Her other sign read “My PPE has protected me while face to face with Covid patients, Frontline Hero to Zero.”

• A NVRH respiratory therapist held a sign that read “Medical Freedom is a Human Right,” and another nurse’s sign read “I am informed and I do Not consent.” These were the real messages, this would have been real news.

Mandating these injections for your employees besides violating their rights, the basic code of human ethics as well as the Hippocratic oath, offers nothing more than a false sense of security and potential risk because we do not have clear answers on this injections and the methods to determine the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines have not been accurately planned or assessed by the manufacturers or the FDA. Please err on the side of caution and allow your employees who have been there for you and our community to decide for themselves what they inject into their bodies and if they want to be part of this clinical trial or would like to stay in the control group. Further, regardless of their decision, may they be able to keep their employment at the hospital, which they have worked hard to earn and maintain. By taking the precautionary principle approach and allowing more time for data and results to be collected and assessed from these clinical trials, you may find that you avert catastrophe of many kinds and that your choice to respect individual civil liberties, body autonomy and personal agency as well as the health choice of your employees is truly the highest priority with our current situation involving insufficient evidence, poorly designed clinical trials and also through these unknown and unprecedented times.

We are requesting a halt to any policy requiring mandatory COVID vaccination for employment until further data and results of this current phase 3 clinical trial can be assessed properly. Please offer your employees an alternative so they can continue the work they love and that worked hard to attain and so that our community can benefit from quality, local care with people who are invested in their communities. Please respect their rights guaranteed by federal law to refuse medical procedures, especially experimental injections that are being rushed through and lack true safety and efficacy data, which is clearly evident when one looks at the current clinical trial design and lack of follow up data collection. Please do not be hasty and impulsive in your decisions and allow the experimental injections time to really show themselves and their true nature. Mandating these for your dedicated, brave and hard-working employees would be a monumental mistake that will be impossible to take back and could result in compromise of many regards.

Thank you to all of the healthcare workers and concerned citizens who took the time and were brave enough to step out and stand up for their rights, beliefs and personal health choices. I have had an incredible amount of employees at the hospital and within our community reach out for support and solidarity regarding this current situation and our current journey. This is a critical conversation for the community and despite the friction, I hope we can all come together to converse and work together to understand the current situation and the best steps forward. I also hope that next time the intention, goals and message of the event can be reported honestly.


Alison Despathy

Danville, Vt.

Editor’s Note: Alison Despathy MS is a mother, teacher and nutritionist. She holds a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and has taught in the Vermont State College system and has had a clinical nutrition practice in St. Johnsbury for over 20 years.


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Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Excellent letter Alison Despathy. Thank you for speaking out

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