Health Insurance Tax

To the Editor:

As a florist in New Hampshire, I’m hopeful that Senators Shaheen and Hassan will work to delay the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) again for 2020. This tax makes it harder for small businesses to operate because they will have to spend large amounts of money for health insurance. That means there’s less money for expansion and day-to-day operations. It also makes it harder to hire or keep employees, and it’s estimated that thousands of jobs could be lost to the HIT.

I would like to offer health insurance to my employees, but taxes like the HIT drive up the cost too high. My sister owns a small business and provides her employees with health coverage. However, the cost is high, and she really has to keep on top of things to find the best rate.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that the HIT is harmful because they postponed it in 2017 and 2019. Now, it’s time for them to delay it again. We need our senators, and all of Congress, to stop the HIT for 2020. It’s essential that they do so this session, before the year is out, so business owners can plan ahead.

Sandra Riendeau

Colebrook, N.H.


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