To the Editor:

Terrorism is real. It's not a myth, country or nation. It has no borders or civil law. These evil terrorists attacked America on 9-11-01, killing over 3,000 innocent people. They have been killing thousands of innocent men, women and children before 9-11 and since.

Terrorists are vicious and will torture anyone, anywhere, anytime if given the opportunity. Terrorists are bloodthirsty murderers, evil, hateful, ruthless and have no conscience. Until the terrorists are stopped, there will be no freedom or peace, any where in this world, not for Christians, Muslims, Jews or any person regardless of their color, race or creed.

The above are undisputable facts. These sub-humans are the ultimate evil. How America and the nations of the world deal with them will determine if inhabitants of Earth will ever again be at peace and free from this scourge of murder, torture and torment. The terrorists actions to date give us a glimpse of hell here on Earth. If these ferocious terrorists are not stopped, it will be hell on Earth for everyone and probably even sooner and more horrific than we think.

Over four years ago, our president and Congress determined to stop the terrorists and protect America from further assaults on our homeland. Our military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies have kept us from further attacks here at home up to now. There is no doubt that the evil enemy is lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the opportunity to strike us again. It could happen today, any day, any place and next time it may be in your neighborhood.


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