How Bizarre, How Bizarre

To the Editor:

We attended our grandson’s concert in Colchester last night, requiring us to travel Route 2, between Danville and Montpelier. If you are not familiar with traveling this road, you do so at risk of having damage from hitting one the many huge potholes… Hard on vehicles, and hard on people…

As we traveled the interstate between Montpelier and Colchester, we went through many areas that were being repaved. Many miles.

It seems sad that Route 2 as our only East to West highway is in such horrific condition while the interstate is receiving what must be millions of dollars of fresh pavement; Route 2 cannot even have the pot holes filled in, let alone repaved.

Maybe it is that Burlington gets a meal, and we in the Northeast Kingdom only get a pickle.

But wait, the state did throw us an example of the solution. Yes, freshly painted road lines.

That will fix it.

Meanwhile, the state spends 6.1 billion of the dollars plucked from us for the budget.. And, while a study is going to take place to run a train from Waterbury to Montpelier… Do any of you recall the past track record of Vermont getting involved in rail travel?

So, rest easy that our lawmakers are doing away with Columbus Day, doing away with evil plastic bags… and numerous other “priorities”…… Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

Play the song by the group OMC; 1995: “How Bizarre, How Bizarre……”

Harry Swett

Danville, Vt.


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