How can our country survive?

To the Editor:

It is a sad situation with all the politicians that say they will do one thing and do another. From what I can understand of the Constitution of the United States is the government suppose to be ran by the people of this great country and not the padded wallets that do run our country. I would love to see some poor people run for office and if they were sincere I would vote for them. This country is going to hell when the governor of our state goes abroad to sell our land and to have the foreigners bring money back to their country instead of leaving it here where it should be. We have many many rich people in this country that could invest in our country but do you think they do? Not at all. All these Hollywood types that are so proud to go to Africa and other countries and try to act like heroes for putting money into schools in foreign country but do not even think about helping out all the inner city kids and their families because they are Americans and not people from other countries. The only thing that would make these fools to keep some money here in the states where they make it all is not go to their movies or buy their DVD or blu-ray disc so they do not make any money which will make them think hopefully. Even billionaire big ole fat Oprah puts her money into African schools instead of keeping it here where she made it. Do you think those people over there in Africa made her her billions? Not likely.

If everybody would do this it would humble a lot of them but the problem is there would not be enough people in this country that would band together. But let it be a dog that got run over and this whole damn country would be in arms. It is sad but what can one person do. I do not want to hear all you start bitching once it gets worse and we all know it is going to especially after all the foreigners own all the land in Vermont and we have no say about our own country and state.

I hope for all of our sakes that there are some people in this state that can help keep them out and bring in American owners so we can keep our state. If we keep the jobs union free then maybe we would have a chance with bringing our state back to an industrial state instead of a resort state where locals work only part time and cannot feed their family.

Think about people before it is to late hell it might already be to late for this country.

I have always been against these people that claim to be in a militia but now I am wondering if they are right or not. Everyday you see more and more of our rights being taken away so how are we expected to feel.

When it comes to the terrorist on 911 they won what they wanted to do. Think about it we have lost all our freedoms so now we are like them and to tell you the truth they have more freedom then we will ever have again in this country even though saying that tears my heart out. I hope there are some real men that will run for office and be a man instead of just a rock star running around the world apologizing for our country doing wrong. The only thing this country did wrong was people voted for this guy just because they wanted a first black president and now you see what happens when you vote for things like that.

I just want to say I hope people stand up and speak their voice and do not worry about all the invasion of privacy that this government is trying to scare everybody with. No matter what they say we do own this country and run this country and we need to step up and make sure they know it before it comes to a serious situation that cannot be stopped.

Stephen Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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