How Did This Happen?

To the Editor:

Yesterday, when I was thinking about it being 09/11, 20 years ago; the horrible day that the Twin Towers were destroyed in New York City, the terrorists attacked the Pentagon and some heroes threw a wrench into their plans at Shanksville; I decided that I needed to write something.

My wife and I were in western New York, visiting family, mainly because my Vietnam veteran brother-in-law was having rotator cuff surgery. While we were in the area, I also intended to do some research on my family roots. That’s why I was having a cup of coffee at a small restaurant in Lockport, NY when the television showed the plane plowing into the second tower. The Lockport public library was only a short distance from the restaurant and that’s mainly why I was there. Of course, everything was practically turned upside down on that day, and I was no exception. I finally did make it to the library and the lady in charge was happy to see me because the place was empty and she was feeling lonely, abandoned and insecure. A lot of us must have felt the same way on that day of infamy and it is hard to forget the impact that the 09/11 attack had on our lives.

People here were saying that this event would change everything for us and that America would present a united front to any enemy that dared to challenge us again. My brother-in-law saw the thing take place while he was in the hospital recovery room and talked about reenlisting on the spot so he could do his part to defend this great nation. Spirits were up and patriotism was running high and proud. Many of us were certain that this event would never be forgotten and that the country would become stronger and more united than ever because of this horrible experience. Unfortunately, that has not happened and I think that our country has become more divided than ever before.

Now, we seem to have more naysayers, lobbyists, special interest groups, corrupt politicians, money chasers, influence peddlers, subversives and traitors than ever before. Of course, that’s just my own opinion but I intend to stick with it. People are spending so much time criticizing the United States that they have forgotten how fortunate they are to have been born here. Then the pandemic came along and I believe that it has provided those who have a death wish for both this country and democracy with an opportunity that they never had before. They seem to be taking full advantage of it too and we still haven’t really begun to pay attention. I hope that it isn’t too late to make a course correction but I am really not sure anymore.

My wife was in a nursing home in the middle of the pandemic. For their own good, the residents were not allowed to have visitors anymore. How would they know why people were not coming to see them? How could anyone explain this situation to them? They couldn’t! How did this improve their already miserable living circumstances? In my humble opinion, it only made things worse. Why did they even give the residents vaccinations? They were already segregated from the world and all of their attendants had already been vaccinated. It made no sense to me and I thought that they were wasting time as well as medication.

When Mother’s Day rolled around, I thought that it would be nice to send a corsage to my wife. At least she would have some lovely flowers to look at and perhaps a feeling that someone stilled cared about her. But no, flowers could no longer be delivered to the nursing home. So, I thought about a way around this barrier and I asked my wife’s doctor if I could buy 3 roses for her. Of course, she was puzzled and I explained that she could keep one rose if she delivered the other 2 to my wife. This was not to be though.

Finally, I suggested that it would not be a tragedy for anyone if we were allowed to visit our relatives and someone passed away a few days later. What was the quality of their lives without their families anyway? And at least we would have been able to enjoy each other one last time. Of course, this could not be allowed and we continued to do what was best for my wife and other residents without really knowing what truly was. In the end, I was permitted to see her in the last moments of her life and I remain grateful for that opportunity.

We also have people doing what is best for their relatives at home, especially if they are old like me. During the middle of the pandemic, some family members were confined to their homes by their own loved ones! Is that really love or is it a combination of fear, poor judgement and blindly following regulations published by people who are not sure what they are doing themselves or who are really more interested in controlling us? It’s something like: “I really love you Dad but I am doing this for your own good!” I think fear and ignorance are at work and people are acting out in the middle of their own panic.

Last but certainly not least, many people have decided that the United States of America has been wrong for all of the time that it has been the greatest nation in the world. How could this possibly be when we have millions from all over the world pounding on our entry doors every second of every day? Are all of these seekers of U.S. employment, residency and citizenship wrong about us or do they know something that too many of us have forgotten? Our powerful enemies have noticed what is going on and they couldn’t be happier. Is it past time to wake up or should we continue to allow others to run our lives because they are only doing what is best for us? I would much rather fail or even die on my own.

Ken Freer

Morrisville, Vt.


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Eileen Kristoff

Sir, remember all you've said the next time we vote...this is what happens when the wrong party gets in.

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