I called the NRA ...

To the Editor:

Why all the foreign money Mr. Stenger? I bet there is a lot of wealthy (true) American's that would like to get in on your project. You wouldn't have to give them a green card. You must have some idea of where the 10,000 full-time good paying jobs are going to be. Or are some of the jobs going to be chamber maids at minimum wage?

Shumlin goes to Florida back to Vermont then to Canada back to Vermont then to Washington. I haven't heard if he is back in Vermont yet. I did read where Shumlin endorsing universal background checks. I think Shumlin speaks with a foreign tongue.

By the way Peter, I called N.R.A. about your doings. They thanked me for the call. I wished there were more men in state government and federal government like Thaddeus Stevens.

The movie 2016 or Obama's America is coming more true and real everyday. Downsizing our military, disarming ? America or trying. Flying all over the country telling everyone how great he is. Saying we're in bad trouble which was caused by himself. He and his administration in less than five years have buried us in debt even more and yet its someone else's fault. He is never the blame for anything. When he picked Kerry for Secretary of State, I call that scraping the bottom of the barrel. I wish there were more men like Thaddeus Stevens.

I read about someone from France telling they feed their cattle a special diet so they don't pollute the air. God help the farmers if Peter gets a hold of this. I hope when I go for my walk on Mack Mt. Road my neighbor's cows don't all fart at once. I will be overcome by methane.

Louis Cheney

Peacham, Vt.


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