To the Editor:

In the article "CNSU Negotiations Still Snarled," Ms. Miles voices her displeasure with both the boards & #039; and teachers & #039; methods of providing information to the media.

On Oct. 30, the teachers & #039; association held a press conference. WCAX-TV came and went, Channel 7 came and went, Magic 97.7 came and went.

After all the reporters had departed one remained, Jeanne Miles. We answered every question she had to ask. We even answered some more than once. If that is being less than candid with the media I will never know what is. If she is frustrated because both the teachers and the boards have official spokespeople, you have but to read The Caledonian-Record to understand why.

Look what has happened to Connie Pound. Connie gave a rather long response to a question asked during an informational meeting. A minuscule part of her answer was taken out of context, then twisted into frenzy.


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