If You Can’t Take the Heat—-

To the Editor:

It appears John McLaughry of the Ethan Allen Institute can’t take the heat. (re: letteer to the editor Aug. 28 & 29, 2021 - Preposterous Allegations)

When someone has the audacity to comment on one of Mr. McLaughry’s guest opinions published on The Caledonian- Record’s Opinion page, instead of replying in a civil, professional manner, he resorts to his typical haughty and condescending standard of casting aspersions, name-calling, and belittling to defend his all-important position of “managing a public policy think tank.” Instead of being informative, enlightening and diplomatic in his “tiresome task” of responding to such comments, Mr. McLaughry considers it an opportunity to disparage, demean and one-up anyone who dares attempt to question the operations of the Ethan Allen Institute, whose mission, by the way, is “to cultivate peace and prosperity…”. The irony is laughable, were it not altogether sad.

Perhaps a refresher course on his public relations skills is in order.

Sue LaPointe

Danville, Vt.


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Todd Leadbeater

Don't worry Susan - nobody takes Marion seriously anyway. If it weren't for the entertainment factor, most folks would just skip over her letters once they saw her byline. John has little to worry about - his background, reputation and standards are above reproach and your little diatribe will have little effect on most of us. Bill Coleman and Marian will probably applaud your little outburst - other than that, not many others.

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