Inconvenient Truth

To the Editor:

I believe that President Trump truly dislikes white nationalists who kill in defense of racist, misogynist beliefs, not because of the despicable views they espouse, or the deadly havoc they wreak, or the grievous pain that will reverberate through generations, but because they force him to stand in front of a teleprompter and pretend to care as he rattles off tautological lies about how the mentally ill are responsible for such carnage. After all, he’s the busiest President ever, he could be watching himself on Fox TV, cheating at golf, having a snack, or negotiating deals that enrich him and his family. White nationalists who murder are too far out in front of our President, and by going too far they shine a bright light on his darkest motive - that of making wealth-based inequality the law of the land. He wants only white nationalists’ slavish adoration, their votes, and the threat that his rhetoric and their allegiance provide. He is too lazy and malicious to acknowledge complicity in the acts of overzealous bump stock assassins. They are irritants, their savagery is inconvenient, and so… they must be mentally ill.

Here is an inconvenient truth for white nationalists to ponder. Those who hope for a special place in Donald Trump’s amoral, hate-filled Promised Land had better be rich. Our populist “man of the people” cares only for the wealthy, powerful, and corrupt people with whom he has spent his entire life.

I wish us all well,

Tim Sturm

Lyndon, Vermont


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