Is This ANYWAY to Run a Court System?!?!

To the Editor:

I applaud the Front Page Article by Dana Gray, (9/14) in regards to the Court House Problem in Orleans County, although I must remark that Orleans doesn’t seem to be the only Vermont County with a less than adequate system of “Justice”.

My wife and I have waited more than 8 years, for a Court Date to resolve the very simplest of automobile accidents! And, at the glacial or non-existent rate of progress, I’m guessing it may well be 10 years before we even get a court date!

In May of 2013, my wife was sitting at a STOP sign on an exit from I-91, in her 2 seater Roadster. Totally stopped. She was then plowed into by a man driving an SUV! He apologized, and said “you’ve got damage, and it is my fault.” He changed his tune at the deposition, in that somehow he thinks that they were equally responsible! I am not a lawyer, but from what I have gleaned from 74 years on this planet, is that, it is a “no brainer” If you are hit from behind !! It’s as if, if you’re standing at the end of a dock with your back to me, and I come up and knock you into the lake, and you are seriously injured, I can shrug my shoulders and say

“we are equally at fault, I owe you NOTHING!”

This “gentleman” is “under insured” and his insurance company has pretty much taken the same attitude.

His Insurance company is heavily advertised (not any of the one’s who use animals or Shaq) and apparently spend their money on advertising and CEO salaries rather than paying claims. The company’s CEO collected $18,000,000.00 last year, they would only be liable for $100,000.00 for their under insured “customer”.

The company has made 1 offer, which they have not budged from in 5 years. Their offer was barely over 1/5

Of their $100,000.00 liability. It wouldn’t even cover my wife’s medical bills! Their stance is; she had back problems to begin with, you are faking it! Are there any of you out there, in your 60’s, who has never been to a Chiropractor?

Again, to use an analogy “Oh you have a slight head ache? Let me hit you in the head with a hammer, there, how does it feel now????”

We have “faked” it by selling her roadster, too low for her to comfortably sit in after the accident, she goes to physical therapy 3 times a week for 8 years (30 miles round trip, here in Vermont) we spend weekly for pain patches, analgesics, batteries for TENS units etc, etc, etc. It changed our life style completely, for the worse.

It took 28 days for my wife’s car to be repaired. After I returned the rental car we had used during the repair, I received a threatening call from the same insurance company. Their ” lawyer” told me I had to pay the rental fee for every day over 3, that it took to repair the roadster. I told their “lawyer” to check Vermont’s Statutes in regards to her threat. Never heard from the “lawyer” again!

I know that Orleans has 3 Court Houses, apparently only one is usable. Why doesn’t the county convert 2 to housing or offices, and use the money to built a state of the art courthouse? Or, use the 7.5 million appropriated to ease this problem?

Another help might be to incarcerate multiple offenders. Not a week goes by when I don’t read a story that goes something like this. ” Sam Simplicius was arrested Monday for breaking and entering a domicile. He was out on bail, his 10 previous offenses were (fill in the blanks) he was released under house arrest until his next hearing in December.” And how about this (Caledonia County) a guy wants a jury trial for being 1 trout over the limit!!

Maybe jailing some of our career petty criminals would free up court space??Give it a try!

Anthony Daniels

Orleans, Vt.


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