It is Mandatory

To the Editor:

It is a fact that getting kids vaccinated is required for entrance into public school. Without these shots your kids cannot attend school and you as the parent can be fined and end up in court. So, what is stopping our Vt. Dept of Education and the Vermontt Governor from making the Covid Vaccine mandatory too? It is common sense to make it required for school.

Now, as for the adults, we have their freedom to deal with, so they say. They are free to kill themselves if they want to. But, what about the rest of us who did get our vaccines? Are they free to kill us too? I think not.

If you are fully vaccinated and wear a mask, keep your social distance and wash the hands, you are free to go anywhere. If not, then well, you are not free to just go anywhere. That is the cold, hard, facts of life, so live with it non-vaxxers.


Thomas W. King

Shaftsbury, Vt.


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Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Mr. King, I and others do not blame you for taking the jab. I and others empathize with all that have. Our society has never been so abused and lied to by Big Pharma and its control of the dystopian messaging they have used. According to top doctors, there are known ways to help yourself and counter some of the negative effects of the jabs. Top doctors say that for those already jabbed, taking Vitamin D, zinc, the amino acid lyceum and this stuff called ANC can help you and others. .This is not medical advice but ask your doctor. Furthering the wrongs by insisting all be jabbed is not the answer.

Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Edit last comment "We are now at war thru any and all weapons available that work to infect thought and actions." to "The Globalist's wage non-traditional war on all of the rest of the 99%, using psycop to advance bioweapons, fascist control measures, and their MSM propaganda lies and indoctrination methods. Wake up people."

Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Mr. King, are you a Globalist? Many in the Globalist's cabal have names that infer that they are royalty and superior to all others. Did you know that the corrupt Janet Woodcock who was given the authority to approve the Phizer jab was also the one that approved Oxycotton and Fentanyl ? Did you know that the most "vaccinsated state, Hawaii, now has the highest cases of sickness in the nation? Romania has only about 20% of their population jabbed and has the lowest case load while Israel with the highest "vaccinated: rate also now has the highest number of hospitalizations? The media lies for the WHO and CDC. The intent here is world depopulation plan of 90% that is written on the Georgia Guide Stones. Bill Gates and Fauci are eugenicists. They are puppets for the elite. Eliminating 90% of the world population thru forced jabs is their main attack weapon. that is all intertwined in the "Big Reset" planned and sponsored by the world elite. .We are now at war thru any and all weapons available that work to infect thought and actions.

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