It's time to take a stand

To the Editor:

I wish to express our appreciation of a recent article by School Director Tony Greenwood. "It's time to bring back to the schools The Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer" including our American Flag and State Flag in the board room.

Mr. Greenwood's strong stance and courage for family and free expression for taking a stand for our cherished beliefs and rights guaranteed to all Americans. Mr. Greenwood states "Let's take back or children" and we also say "Let's take back our country."

I'm sure if we took a poll or a petition in the town of St. Johnsbury and surrounding towns we would receive an overwhelming response and support from many people (young and old) wanting to have prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance back in our schools.

Being a veteran like many other's in our communities, we realize and witnessed over the past decades that we are losing our rights and freedoms, not only in our little towns but throughout the country. The activists like the ACLU (so call American which is questionable and it should state Communist Civil Liberties Union) have systematically attacking our schools and communities and threatening huge lawsuits if we do not go along with their demands and agendas. In most cases the small townships could not afford the huge cost of attorney fees and going against a massive multi-million dollar organization like the ACLU.

It is painfully clear that cunning forces within our beloved country are doing everything possible to eradicate the influence of God, godly values and patriotism in our public life. We witness daily the moral decay caused by the ACLU's poisonous influence trying to change our U.S. Constitution is heartbreaking and unacceptable. It is an outrage to anyone who loves God and our Country.

The list goes on and on. The ACLU -- which one writer called "an American version of the Taliban" -- it has literally done more to attack our faith and moral values than any other organization in America today. The ACLU has defended the rights of pornographers to use explicit images of children on the Internet...fought to allow homosexuals to legally marry, adopt children and be recognized under the law as equal to married heterosexual couples. It has pushed the mandatory sex education that exalts homosexuality and abortion.

Furthermore, the ACLU is selling and trying to convince the American people the biggest LIE of all by claiming to speak for the majority of Americans. One last comment. We had recently watched a DVD entitled Last Ounce of Courage. It's a story of Family Faith and Freedom. You will never see this film in movies. Hollywood, ACLU and the government would not allow it to be seen on the big screen in America. Unless a Christian organization owned the theater or they would show this DVD in churches.

I am sure this article may offend some, however, the majority of people may appreciate people like Mr. Greenwood and other patriots that will be bold and take a stand for their state and country.

John Kroeger

Waterford, Vt.


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