Kill the ill-conceived S.91 bill

To the Editor:

I urge the Senators of Vermont to reject the bill which would place new requirements on approved independent schools. According to the media reports, the bill was introduced to "level the playing field" with public schools. It is known that independent schools generally are able to provide a higher quality education than the public schools.

According to my logic, the best way then to "level the playing field" would be, if anything, to REDUCE the State requirements placed on public schools to meet those of the independent schools. If the independent schools "have the advantage" and are doing better, then wouldn't we want ALL schools to have that advantage, as opposed to creating the same DISadvantage for all schools?

S. 91's logic escapes me. The Senate education committee seems to want to pull all schools into lower performance, as opposed to elevating and enabling all schools to high performance. Sometimes less is more.


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