Legalize pot?

To The Editor:

It had to happen. Since Gov. Shumlin has become Dictator of Vermont, many policies he's introduced have made me wonder if he's smoking something. Shumlin-care has no visible means of support. Flattening ridgelines throughout the state (except the "great treasures" of course) for wind turbines, is about the least sustainable source of generation. If that wasn't bad enough, to supposedly supply our needs he now wants to put up more so Vermont can be an "energy exporter"?! He'll even save money changing the state motto. Just change the 'n' in Green to a 'd' "The Greed Mountain State". If you say it fast enough, it sounds the same.

So, what had to happen? Legalize marijuana! At least now I can understand where his policy decisions come from. A promise to the 'National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws' (NORML), netted a $1,000 campaign contribution two years ago. Putting the issue in next year's agenda, Gov. Shumlin hopes to procure a $6000 contribution. When he called NORML last week, he said he'd like to be a national spokesman for their 'movement' (a good choice of words). If this works, NORML might finally have the 'A' for their acronym!

If this legislation passes, I can see new sources of revenue for the state, job opportunities, and fast food businesses popping up all over to satisfy the munchies. It's a win-win-win-etc. situation. Flat-top mountains may prove to be a great place to plant new crops. Pot farmers can have their pick of where they want to live too. After driving all of the sane (I didn't want to say normal) residents out of the state with the wind turbines and pot smoke, there'll be lots of places. Let's not forget the recreational aspect. The people who have been quoted by the media, on the subject of wind turbines, saying, "I just like to watch them go around," can now hike up to the turbines, sit in the weeds (sorry), and be fascinated all day (while snacking).

Gov. Pete Shumlin, who by then, might be known as, Gov. Pot Stumblin, with all of the drug-related claims on his new health-care plan, will have to be quite creative coming up with the funding. He has stated, "The first challenge is to define a system that makes sense." He continues, "The minute we think we've got that figured out, we can easily figure out how to pay for it." To get this to make sense and pay for it, he might also have to legalize cocaine and LSD. Then it will all be clear ... to him.

Recently on Vermont Public Television, the governor said that he supported the two-year term (with him as governor so do I). He then proposed that if you don't like what he's doing, you could vote the 'Rascal' out. This is one proposal that even I support.

John M. Lewandowski

Newark, Vt.


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