To the Editor:

Isn & #039;t it nice that Mr. Jeffords tells us how wonderful he is for bolting the Republican Party ("Jeffords Says Move Made a Big Difference," The Caledonian-Record, Nov. 20, 2001). Mr. Jeffords says, "The Democrats have a seat at the table. The moderates are back in a significant position to make a difference. We have seen compromises that would not have happened." That is one man & #039;s opinion. Unfortunately, we will never know what it would be like if the Republicans were still in charge of the Senate, will we?

Mr. Jeffords emphasized in his interview that he is an Independent and decides his votes one issue at a time. "People have found that I still go my own way," he said. "I am not a Democrat." Yeah, right. And neither is Ted Kennedy. If Mr. Jeffords is not a Democrat, then why is he so happy that because of him the Democrats control the Senate?

In a VPR program, Mr. Jeffords claims that by his defection, "He has preserved the United States as a democracy." It is comforting to know that Mr. Jeffords is a legend in his own mind and that he is humble enough to tell us. On the other hand, truly legendary senators usually let the historians make that determination.



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