Legislator’s Grades

To the Editor:

What grade did your Grafton County rep earn?

Everything in life is graded…meats, wines, doctors, businesses, schools, beers, and the list goes on. Every organization wants to know how they performed so they can continue to outperform others in their field. Grades have consequences!

So, why not our legislators?

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance grades the performance of NH legislators. How did your Grafton County representative do during the 2019 Legislative Session?

“CT” = Constitutional Threat.

Roger Dontonville, (Enfield) – 13.7% voting; CT; Timothy Josephson (Canaan, Dorchester, Wentworth) – 18.0% voting; F; Polly Campion (Hanover, Lyme) – 12.4% voting; CT; Mary Jane Mulligan (Hanover, Lyme) – 12.4% voting; CT; Garrett Muscatel (Hanover, Lyme) – 13.5% voting; CT; Sharon Nodgren (Hanover, Lyme) – 12.9% voting; CT; Richard Abel (Lebanon) – 12.0 % voting; CT; Susan Almy (Lebanon) – 14.1 % voting; CT; Laurel Stavis (Lebanon) – 16.4% voting; F; George Sykes (Lebanon) – 13.3% voting; CT; Francesca Diggs (Canaan, Dorchester, Ellsworth, Groton, Orange, Rumney, Thornton, Wentworth) – 22.8% voting; D-; Joshua Adjutant (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgetown, Bristol, Enfield, Grafton) – 13.5% voting; CT; Rick Ladd (Haverhill) – 77.8% voting; B;Jerry Stringham (Lincoln, Livermore, Watervillle Valley, Woodstock) – 19.1% voting; F; Kevin Maes ( Ellsworth, Groton, Orange, Rumney, Thornton) – 10.0% voting; CT; Richard Osborne (Campton) – 10.0% voting; CT; Sallie Fellows (Hebron, Holderness, Plymouth) -8.9% voting; CT; Suzanne Smith (Hebron, Holderness, Plymouth) – 18.7% voting; F; Joyce Weston (Hebron, Holderness, Plymouth) – 12.9% voting; CT; Edward Gordon (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton) – 67.8% voting; B-; Vincent Paul Migliore (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton) – 79.7 % voting; B;

Nick De Mayo

Sugar Hill, New Hampshire


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