Let’s Make Things Right!

To the Editor:

New Hampshire is a wonderful place to live. We typically do things right, except when it comes to sending elected officials to DC. For example, the current quartet of liberal Democrat tax and spenders; Pappas, Kuster, Shaheen and Hassan primary loyalties are to their party not to us Granite Staters!

Propublica reports that US House Rep Ann Kuster voted with Pelosi 100% of the time, Chris Pappas obeys her 99%. In the US Senate Hassan voted 97% with Schumer, while Shaheen did Schumer’s bidding 98% of the time!

Most people I know seem to think that NH as a state is on the right track. Those same people roll their eyes, wring their hands, and complain that as a nation, the country is assuredly on the wrong track.

Pick any National topic: censorship, inner city violence, unemployment, critical race theory, illegal immigration, Covid lockdowns, the cost of everything, loss of energy independence, and cheat by mail. There’s much more, but the most egregious is Afghanistan.

The current administration’s inept handling of Afghanistan is one of the most egregious affronts to America and to the world anyone has ever seen. Ever! It will take years to regain respect from our allies, fear from our enemies.

Democrats did this. New Hampshire’s Hassan, Shaheen, Kuster and Pappas are all complicit in our nation’s demise.

Oh they’ll boast of all the bi-partisan good they’ve done, assisting veterans, other goodies they’ve delivered, but none of that matters if we fail as a nation. What does matter is that they’re complicit in America’s decline. These four Democrats are helping to destroy our beloved country.

New Hampshire can help correct this. We can make a difference. When the opportunity comes and we fill out our ballots: Stop voting for Democrats. Period!

Paul Schirduan

Lincoln, N. H.


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