Let there be wind!

To the Editor:

Kingdom Community Wind (owned by Green Mountain Power) at Lowell Mountain, is just one of the several wind projects proposed in Vermont, but it is the one to congratulate for proposing a plan that keeps energy costs, labor and resources local. All the supposed effects that peak oil, nonrenewable resources, spills, and nuclear meltdowns have are showing up every day through pollution in our skies, waterways, political system, and our economy. It is time to take matters in our own Vermont hands, no more meltdowns, no more multi-billion dollar oil spills, and no more wars. There is no PEAK wind. Oil will disappear leaving future generations at a loss. The wind does not stop blowing so let us use our resources now to provide energy for generations to come. Kingdom Community Wind is not only an opportunity to diminish dependence on nonrenewable resources, but it is also a way to boost our economy by creating Vermont jobs and by keeping our energy money within our state and towards Vermont owned companies.

Environmental advocates should know, the longer we go without alternative energies the longer we fully depend on poisonous fracking substances, coal companies dominating mountain tops and nuclear meltdowns, the faster we will continue human depletion of our environment. Those environmental activists who claim Green Mountain Power is a corrupt corporation against environmentalists are not correct, they are a company who are trying to keep our energy within our Vermont borders while simultaneously creating jobs and tying our dependence onto renewable resources.

Wind turbines don't destroy environments permanently like mountain top removal or hydraulic fracking, and although they may be considered visual pollution, we must remember there was a time when water towers, cell phone towers and power lines were also visual pollution. Vermonters, let us take a stand to adapt to our current world where peak oil is a problem. Let us keep our companies local and build when and what we can to support, nourish and care for future generations to come. These wind turbines will stabilize energy prices now and forever. Sustainability lies in our hands, through energy, job creation, and the local economy. Wind energy supports what Vermont stands for, so let us take a stand to support wind. Let there be wind.


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