Liberalist Movement

To the Editor:

I feel it to be of the utmost importance to understand what the Liberalist movement today is all about.

Liberalists are wildly concerned about school shootings and obviously feel the freedom to arm ourselves should be rethought. I agree that what’s going on in schools is unfathomable, however there is far more to the issue than meets the eye. Discipline along with prayer in school has gone right out the window. When in history both existed, school shootings did not. The Liberalists made sure to remove both. Now that it has blown up in their faces, they volunteer to take over and fix it. In Obama’s words, we’ve got this. We’ve got this? Why they’re the ones that have caused it. Instead of punishing the innocent gun owners, why not bring back and actually administer the death penalty for criminals? Again this is another Liberalist achievement that has added to the misery of those victimized families. The A.C.L.U. a most liberal organization claiming to care about liberty wants all criminals to only pay fines making prisons obsolete. Just think of the future problems this Liberalism will create especially when no one has weapons for self-protection. It’s another ludicrous example of Liberalism ingeniousness. It’s right up there with allowing perverts to choose what restroom to use today.

I find it terribly ironic that the same group of folks that are terrified by a few, (but still too many), deaths in schools are feeling proud and happy about 880 innocent children being brutally massacred in clinics every day.

Liberals tell us that they are the ones who care about the little guy. This is why they desire to tax every dollar you earn, soon to be returned to you in free milk and cheese. Wow, what heroes. Liberals brag that they are the tolerant ones. Every immoral and twisted way, to them, should be tolerated, gay marriage, transgenderism, illegal aliens, sanctuary cities and criminals. However this tolerant group feels that those neighbors living a decent clean Christian life should be punished and destroyed using the court system and The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group as far from freedom as the American Civil Liberties Union is from Liberty.

Recently I brought my 11-year-old son to a Christian concert of the Sidewalk Prophets in Barre. If you walked in feeling suicidal you would have left feeling like a million dollars. Does being homosexual, a transgender or murdering children bring that same experience? I sincerely doubt it.

We all know someone who has chosen one of the many wicked Liberal ways. These are people we love and some of us have found it easier to reason away the evil. “If someone I love is doing it maybe it is actually OK.” This is a self-fooling philosophy. There are wicked and righteous in the world. All are sinners. The big difference is that the righteous recognize their imperfections before God and use their lifetime to overcome themselves. The wicked simply make excuses and drag others into the same evil lifestyle.

In closing I would like to say that Liberals are very talented when it comes to hypocrisy, propaganda, false accusations and spreading evil in this otherwise God-given land. No doubt this is where some foolish Liberal will rebut my letter claiming to have God and Christ in their pocket. No one has God in their pocket. It is we who get to choose to follow or not. If Liberalism succeeds than soon that will be one of many ex-freedoms.

A song once asked the question, “Are you part of the cure or part of the disease?” I am sure it is a question Liberals will not wish to answer.

Years ago I said “always vote the person never the party.” I say different now. Anyone who joins the Democratic party does so because they embrace the most leftist of outrageous Liberalism. I will personally never vote for a party that has a love affair with wickedness and be sure to know I vote.

Paul Corbeil

St. Johnsbury, Vermont


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