Little Tommy’s Temper Tantrum

To the Editor:

After reading Thomas W. King’s missive of November 26, I think a better title than the one he gave it would be, “REEEEEE!”

It was a shrill, anti liberty screed in which King went out of his way to associate Trump and the Capitol rioters with a kid who was legitimately defending himself, and in fact was in Kenosha to repair damage done by rioters and protect businesses.

Kyle Rittenhouse had no “victims” that day. Kyle Rittenhouse had ATTACKERS, including Joseph Rosenbaum, who had a number of victims of his own.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s motivations for being present in Kenosha that day were altruistic. Kyle’s actions were ruled to be justifiable self defense by a jury of his peers. I guess Mr. King didn’t get that memo. And Kyle Rittenhouse will be protected for the rest of his life, from people like…..well..Mr. King, who call him a “terrorist” and the slur, “gun nut”: the liberty hater’s equivalent of the N-word.

I would rather see Mr. King ridiculed in public by those who read his offensive screed than wish him into Hell, but were I to wish him there, I’d say he should take Jerry Nadler along with him - and the rest of the liberal sore losers like himself.

In liberty,

Eddie Garcia

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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