To the Editor:

Every day one picks up a newspaper to read, and invariably, one finds articles on hate, distrust, rape, murder and the like; maybe a few good-feeling articles on trust, honor and support.

Today, I write about Love. According to my D.K. revised and updated illustrated Oxford dictionary, with 186, 000 definitions and entries of 4,500 illustrations, more than 120 words describe the meanings of love. Love, deep affection or fondness; sexual passion or relations; a beloved one; a sweetheart (often as a form of address); a person of whom one is fond; affectionate greetings (give him, her, or them, my love); a representation of Cupid; (in come games), no score, or nil; feel love or deep fondness for; delight in, admire, greatly cherish; like very much (loves books or other things); be inclined, as a habit; greatly enjoy (children love to dress up); develop a great love for; for love or pleasure, not profit; for the love (sake) of; deeply enamored; have sexual intercourse with; pay amorous attention to; not for love or money (not in any circumstances); out of love (no longer in love).

Agape Love is for one’s fellow humans, as distinct from erotic love, and by Our Abba Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, in Heaven. I always thought Agape Love was only by Our Father and His Son for all mankind, but according to that dictionary, it is for one’s fellow humans, so we can all, and should all, exercise Agape love.

People use the word love in all the aforementioned ways, at one time or another. Just think, what if, maybe when, all members of the human race used Agape Love every day! What a wonderful world we could be living in, without fear, distrust, pain and suffering at the hands of another human, or group of humans. Of course, that will only happen in Heaven, but it is pleasing to think about it.

Have you said, “I love you,” to someone today? Why not try it, and see what happens? At least you will be doing your part to make this a better world. It could, hopefully, become contagious, and make this a world of love and trust, instead of what we are now experiencing!

A few extra thoughts about Love in the Holy Bible. Love is mentioned in the Bible over fifty times. The first mention is in Genesis 22-2, “Take now thy son, thine only son, Isaac, whom thou lovest, and…,” and the last mention in Revelation 3-19, “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasen; be zealous therefore, and repent.”

Hate, so prevalent in this world we live in, is mentioned a mere 35 times; also first in Genesis, and last in Revelation. So Love beats out Hate in the Good Book references. If only Love would do so in this world of today, what a wonderful place this would be! Love does make the world go around, in spite of so much hatred in it!

Happy “I Love You” Day to you and all the readers of this paper!

Jacob Kokaly

Newport, Vt.


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Karen Bufka

Thank you for writing and sharing this!

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