The real Christmas

To the Editor:

The Grinch found out that Christmas doesn't come from a store...that it means a little bit more. The people in Whoville still came out of their homes singing happily even when that awful Grinch took all their gifts and decorations away. The Grinch couldn't believe that the Whos didn't need a lot of presents for Christmas to come.

How many people today are unaware of the reason we celebrate Christmas? I read the Holiday Edition of the Caledonian-Record, the day before Thanksgiving Day. I wouldn't attempt to try to count the number of times the word, "gift," is used in the pages. But the number of times Christmas is mentioned for its real reason may be zero.

Every year I am upset by the Christmas commercials -- children telling what they must have if their parents care anything for them, that perhaps their parents have no clue about what they really want, the car commercials, the jewelers spouting that the only way you can prove you love your wife is by getting her expensive jewelry, you really need a new television, preferably one for every member of the family, kindles, computers, cell phones - never mind the price, never mind if you can't afford it, it's the only way to go.


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