Molly, Becca, and Kesha, Oh MY !

To the Editor:

As 2021 limps away, I am amazed that there are 3 sizzling contestants for the VT Democratic Party’s nomination for the U.S. Congress. They are hot, smart, young women who currently hold office. Why don’t I like any of them?

Is it a chuck thing? I know it’s ugly, but those of us who evolved on VT soil have a few issues with smart alecs coming into our state to tell us how to improve. It grates. I remember one ski business colleague, after a particularly hard day trying to please rich flatlanders, snapped and told her customer, “ we were here before you got here, and we’ll be here after you leave.”

Is it an age thing? I am old. According to the book, Elderhood, at 65, I am “young old.” Molly, Becca, and Kesha are young. This is exactly what we need in America! We need young people who want to set the table for people who will actually be alive in 50 years. Folks on the Mayflower were in their 20’s and 30’s. Leahy was barely shaving, but…but..aren’t they all a tad impatient?

Here is my fear. I don’t want any of them to get elected and become another VT celebrity who actually doesn’t do anything besides adorn MSNBC and rent private jets to fly around America rallying the like-minded. We have one of those.

I don’t really want a Vermont version of the Squad. My guess is that at least 2 out of 3 of our gals are lining up the dress for next year’s Met Gala so AOC won’t feel so all alone. Becca put “Green New Deal” right out there in her first campaign announcement, and Kesha was of the Squad before there was a squad. Molly? Hard to tell. Clearly, after voting 3 times as an adult, then becoming Lt. Gov. for barely a term, she is bored out of her mind, and she needs to hit the road. It’s hard imagining her with the attention span to grind away quietly like Peter Welch. It’s easy to imagine her with Mika and Joe.

Maybe we have to accept that as a little state of mostly wealthy and educated white people, our job is to produce politicians who go to Washington who have no actual idea how actual schmucks live and work. Molly probably remembers some things from the farm in Newberry, but she got outa there!

Brattleboro (Becca) and Burlington (Kesha) bear such little resemblance to the Vermont working class, and even less resemblance to the Vermont business and entrepreneurial class, that I wonder how it will all fare when the campaign moves beyond Facebook fundraising and biographical virtue signaling. Becca can at least say that her town managed to keep the high school open, have police on the streets, and not dig a giant hole in their downtown. I don’t know what Kesha will say about what happens when Progressives are in charge.

If the GOP were smart, and we know they can be in VT because we like our governor, they would be working exceedingly hard to find some candidates that will give our Democratic women a true run for their money. I’d find someone driven by results instead of ideology. Is there anyone in VT who can go to Washington and be a….wait for it…..representative? Who is most likely to represent the most Vermonters? Who wants to be the next Peter Welch? One AOC seems plenty for America.

Jodi R. Harrington

East Burke, Vt.


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Where's The Green Mountain Boys when you ned them?

David E.King


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