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To the Editor:

Thanks to Marion Mohri for responding to my letter about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the “concentration camps”. Ms Mohri writes, “The name we give these facilities is not what’s im-portant.”

I’m afraid that names do matter, as AOC has found out the hard way. Fling names around recklessly where they do not apply, and they can make you very unpopular. History is not AOC’s strong point. Perhaps when she made her odious comparison she did not know what “concentration camps” were. Now she knows better.

AOC and her Democrats could have solved the problem of our overcrowded detention centers at any time in the past year, simply by voting for President Trump’s immigration reforms. They refuse to do so. The responsibility is theirs and nobody else’s. They WANT the crisis to continue. They have convinced themselves that degrading aliens helps Democrats politically—even though all the polls show that most Americans DO want immigration reform.

The other way to solve the problem is to wreck the US economy, so that no one will even want to come to America (legally or otherwise). AOC is working on that approach also. If she and her Democrats take over Congress and enact their economic program, within three months the dollar will be worth nothing, the stock market will crash, everybody will be unemployed, and production of everything will grind to a halt. It won’t be a mere reprise of the Great Depression; it will be more like Venezuela or Cuba. But fear not—all the detention centers will be empty.

Yours truly,

Pierre H. Berube

St. Johnsbury, Vermont


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