More To The School Cook Story

To the Editor:

I am the Walden cook who was fired as described in a recent article. I just wanted to say the article was fair and balanced but it left out a certain amount of context and detail.

To begin with I had brought up concerns over poor working conditions and lack of managerial support since the beginning of the school year. The ventilation system was so bad several teachers complained about propane fumes in the cafeteria, the grease trap in the kitchen was not up to code, it was rusted and corroded and leaked fumes that made the kitchen smell like a well-used porta potty, many people commented on this. The new ones are plastic and have a rubber seal but when I brought this up I was ignored; imagine working for 7 hours everyday in a room that smells like poop.

I also had a disciplinary hearing about taking sick days and about storing ice-cream and popsicles in the kitchen freezer, both of which do not meet nutritional requirements for school kitchens. I had also voiced concerns that I did not have a recipe book or a budget for the kitchen and the dishwasher had been broken for two weeks. The final straw for them I believe though was my application for exemption for the unconstitutional vaccine mandates, this signaled to them I was a conservative and not on “their side.”

In my mind I was made an example of because of my political beliefs. This is where we are in America right now, each side thinks they are right and that the other side is evil, there is no room for compromise and the divide just keeps getting wider.

Alex McGregor

West Danville, Vt.


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