National Public Radio on Iran

To the Editor:

Mary Louise Kelly’s closing remark in her January 7 Iran coverage referenced our problems with Iran “going back 40 years” - obviously dating the beginning of these to the 1979 embassy hostage taking. The question her following of the Trump and general government reading of our relationship with Iran poses is whether she is simply unfamiliar with history or whether National Public Radio’s policy itself is to neglect to mention what occurred to incite that hostage taking.

The reader of this comment must know as well as I do that, in order to control Iranian oil, the British and CIA teamed in 1953 to overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran and install Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi as ruler, that his long reign was brutal, and that when he was finally overthrown, the people of Iran wanted to put him on trial. Instead a most reluctant President Carter was pressured by Republicans to grant the Shah asylum in the US. The purpose of the seizure of the embassy was to have the US deliver the Shah back to Iran for trial. This didn’t happen.

When political leaders distort the historical record, news media have the responsibility to set the record straight.


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