NCH board needs to rethink its decision

To the Editor:

My husband was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma this past year at DHMC. We were sent there for another medical issue and the CT scan showed this problem. I suggested we go to Dr. Lockridge. The Dr. at DHMC had never heard of him but agreed to call him and send all the available information he had. Within 15 minutes Dr. Lockridge called us at home and said he would try and help us. In about two days we had an appointment and when we arrived Dr. Lockridge had already come up with a plan of care.

He has been wonderful to us, is available 24/7, is compassionate and caring. We were devastated when we heard he was "let go."

We were invited to the meeting this past Wednesday evening so Claudio and the board of trustees could answer questions and concerns. Claudio did the talking. The chair of the board only spoke briefly. None of the board addressed any concerns. I don't think Claudio or any member of the board have cancer or a close relative with cancer. If they did they might understand the fears and anxiety all cancer patients suffer with.

I have learned through various sources from the hospital that there are monetary problems and staff don't dare say a word if they want their job. I know the hospitalist program, the sleep lab, the dialysis clinic are not doing well. Also, I have learned the wonderful new computer system is having a problem.

I think Claudio and the board should take a look at themselves and rethink their decision to get rid of Les Lockridge.

Joan Curtis

Newport, Vt.


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