Needs to be Said Again

To the Editor:

It is amazing how the two St. J. police officers followed Mr. Allen to the town line instead of taking away his gun and putting him into protective custody. Mr Allen showed and expressed the signs of altered mannerism and psycho tendencies with a long gun in his hand but these two officers decided to follow him to the town line so it was not their problem any more. Real sad. I hear on the scanner every night about people that have altered minds where they take them to the hospital. What was it about this situation that they let him go with his gun? Before you liberals blame gun owners for bad things you need to make sure the police knows how to handle these situations. Is it because he came from a rich family in town? That cannot be the reason Right? I hope this guy didn’t die for that reason because that would be a terrible shame.

I hope there is a real investigation instead of the police chiefs former friend from the VSP for the official investigation. I would love to have the AG look into this situation to make sure everything is above board. The town got rid of the best chief- Clem Houde-they had over a bad joke to a female officer but let something like this slide by. I know it is hard to find good respectable cops but do we want to keep ones that are not doing the right thing for the town. Yes they ran him out of town with his gun intact which he went to Joe’s Pond and used that same gun to threaten people. What would have happened if he would have shot some of those people that he claimed were after him and it turned out to be an innocent bystander, then where would those 2 officers be at this point, charged with some crime I hope. All you liberals want to take away guns from responsible gun owners but what about this situation?

Steve Fortin


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