Negotiating in Bethlehem

To the Editor:

This is in response to the news that the select board negotiated a settlement of NCES's lawsuit to overturn Bethlehem's 2005 zoning law, limiting the landfill to 51 acres. This is not the time to negotiate.

When sailors of the last few centuries were threatened by stormy seas and imminent shipwreck, they chopped their own masts down. In choosing to negotiate with Casella, that is essentially what the Bethlehem select board seems inclined to do. The difference is that the sailors were terrified by the storm. Now in Bethlehem, at last, we have a fair wind behind us. Courts are ruling in the town's favor.

The law says only the voters of Bethlehem can vote for or against the proposed "settlement". That vote will be held January 16. If you have always been in favor of landfill expansion in Bethlehem, then you should support the negotiations. If you have ever opposed the landfill, this is not the time to negotiate. It's time to support the position the voters of Bethlehem have reaffirmed time and time again.


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